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Baby Bears "Muth" Honey Jars Wildflower Honey
Baby Bears
Our Price: $3.50
"Muth" Honey Jars
Our Price: $5.00
These little guys are just plain adorable.  Each "baby" bear holds 2 ounces of our own wildflower honey and stands 2" high.  Baby bears are the perfect choice as favors for baby showers or children's parties.  For orders of more than 50, please try to give us at least two weeks notice.  For orders of >50, the cost is $3.25 each.  The webstore will charge $3.50 but we will credit your credit card as soon as we process your order. This jar was first used in the 1850's. Its embossed straw step bee hive and cork closure make it the perfect charming wedding or shower favor. Contains 4 ounces of our own wildflower honey. Note: we offer price breaks for larger quantities. Purchase 50 to 99 jars and pay $4.75 each; purchase more than 100 jars, and pay only $4.50 each. If you wish, we can also include your choice of raffia ribbon, cut to size, on orders of more than 50 jars. If you have a custom label you want to use, these are a very classy way to attach them. Please email us and let us know what color you prefer: natural, dark blue, mauve, green, or peach. Note: larger orders will pay the full $4.50/jar on the website but we will credit your card when we process the order.

Please give us at least a couple of weeks' lead time on larger orders.

Our premium northern NJ wildflower honey, raw and minimally filtered. Available in 3 different sizes: 12 oz. bear, one pound, two pound.  Wildflower varies from season to season and even from bucket to bucket, depending on the time of year in which it was produced and the floral sources the bees collected to create it.  Most of our customers looking for honey to help with their seasonal allergies choose our wildflower.
Blueberry Blossom Honey Linden Honey Black Locust Honey
Linden Honey
Our Price: $12.00
Black Locust Honey
Our Price: $12.00
Made by bees pollinating blueberries in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  Tastes like caramel!  A favorite with children because of its sweetness, and heavenly drizzled on apple slices. 12 ounce bear, one pound, two pound sizes. Many beekeepers consider this New Jersey's finest varietal honey. Light amber and floral but with minty (?) overtones all its own. Raw. Minimally filtered. Wonderful. Our favorite honey. Available only in a one pound jar.
A very early honey, the crop is often rained out when we have a particularly wet spring.  Pale, almost water white, with a delicate flavor like eating a flower garden.  Black locust is the same as the prized European acacia honey.  It is the mildest of all the varieties we produce.  Available only in a one pound jar.
Japanese Bamboo Honey Bag of Bears Chunk Honey
Japanese Bamboo Honey
Our Price: $12.00
Bag of Bears
Our Price: $14.00
Chunk Honey
Our Price: $14.00
Japanese bamboo, or knotweed is an invasive shrub that bees use to make an amazing dark, rich honey in early fall. Almost black, the honey is rich and molasses-like, without the heavy mineral overtones of some dark honeys like buckwheat. Research has shown that dark honeys tend to have the highest germ-killing activity so this is the honey we reach for if we have a cold or to treat a minor cut, scrape or burn.

Four adorable 2 ounce baby bears, each containing a different variety of our own honey: wildflower, blueberry blossom, linden, and black locust.  They're nestled in an organza bag to make the perfect gift.  Our baby bear bag is terrific, too, if you want to try several honey varieties before buying a larger size.  Choose from white, gold, moss green, purple, or wine organza bags.  If you have a color preference, either email us or add a note when you checkout! 12 ounces of our delicious spring honey with a couple of nice chunks of spring honeycomb in the jar. It's the best of two worlds. You have your raw liquid honey to put in your tea, oatmeal, or however you love to use it, AND, when you feel like a special treat, break off a bit of the honeycomb for a delicious, all-natural, healthy "chewing gum" kind of experience. Yum!

Both the extracted honey and the honeycomb are harvested in spring so you can expect they'll be light in color and delicate in flavor. Linden-wildflower is usually what our bees make the most of in spring, and that's usually what our chunk and comb honey is.
Wooden crate of Honey
Wooden crate of Honey
Our Price: $25.00
This antique glass corked honey jar mold, dating from the 1850's and known in the trade as a "Muth" jar, has an old fashioned basket "skep" hive embossed on it.  We pack one 8 ounce jar each of our linden, blueberry blossom, and wildflower honeys in a study wooden crate, and stencil flowers or other designs on the box for a special touch - each one unique.  This makes a very special gift.  Note:  Our 2018 harvest of black locust honey was a record-breaker.  Because of this, since that time, we've made our gift sets using black locust rather than linden - an upgrade, as we do charge a premium for the locust honey when sold separately.  No increase in price for the gift sets.