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Beeswax Votives Bear and Skep Beeswax Candle Beeswax Skep
Beeswax Votives
Our Price: $3.75
Beeswax Skep
Our Price: $6.57
Pure beeswax votives, 2" in height and diameter at the top. No beekeeper is a big fan of bears, but this little guy is so cute, you almost want to offer him a jar of honey! If only we could train him to not kill the bees and destroy their home....

The candle is about 3" high and 2" in diameter at the base.
2 3/4" high, and about 2" in diameter at the base, this candle is an old fashioned beehive, or "skep." They're no longer legal to use, because beekeepers had to destroy the bees in order to harvest honey. We now use wooden boxes with movable frames so there is no need to injure the bees or destroy their comb. It's still a very cute candle!

The candle has a couple of little bees "flying" near the entrance.
Beeswax "Rolled" Pillar Beeswax, Raw Bulk Pure Beeswax Tapers
Beeswax "Rolled" Pillar
Our Price: $9.37
Beeswax, Raw Bulk
Our Price: $12.00
Pure Beeswax Tapers
Our Price: $14.07
The mold this candle is made from simulates a candle rolled from beeswax foundation wax.  We don't make or sell rolled candles.  Although they are a great craft for children, they contain many voids and are not good, long-burning candles.  This pillar has the look but not the problems.  About 3" high. Raw beeswax sold by the pound for use in making candles, creams, lotions, soaps, lip balms, batik, or other crafts. If you plan to pick your order up at the farm rather than having it shipped, do not order here! Just send us an email at [email protected] indicating how many pounds you want, and wait for a confirmation email back telling you your wax is ready for pick up. You can pay when you visit to pick up your order. We weigh the wax out for each order, and do not have raw wax in the Honey House, only candles and other beeswax products. Please allow at least a few days for us to weigh out the wax.

This wax is clean and ready to use. Color will vary from lemon yellow to amber, depending on the nectar source the bees are foraging from when they produce the comb. Cost is $12.00 per pound plus sales tax, if applicable.
Pure beeswax tapers, made from the wax collected as we remove wax cappings from the honey comb before spinning out the honey. The tapers have a hexagonal cross section, and are 10" long. The base is fluted to fit into standard candle holders. We carry colored tapers made by a beekeeper friend of ours; the natural ones are are own. We cannot bear to color our wax as the natural color (shown) and fragrance are so beautiful, but we understand that many people want tinted beeswax for various decorating options.

Beeswax is the longest burning and cleanest of all candle waxes. It actually purifies the air through negative ionization, unlike paraffin, which is a notorious pollutant of indoor air.

Ornate Beeswax Egg Propolis Extract Beeswax Fern Ball
Ornate Beeswax Egg
Our Price: $14.07
Propolis Extract
Our Price: $15.00
Beeswax Fern Ball
Our Price: $18.76
About 4" tall, this ornate egg mold is a traditional one for beekeepers, and has been in use for many years.  It makes a lovely Easter/Passover/Spring candle. Propolis is a resin that honey bees gather from trees. They use it to polish and sterilize the inside of the hive, and also to glue hive components together and seal cracks and crevices. Honey bees do not have many genes devoted to the immune response, and they use propolis like an external immune system. It is a powerful antimicrobial, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Extracts of propolis in alcohol have been used in Europe for centuries. We make no medical claims for our extract, but if we know we have been exposed to a cold or flu, or feel we are coming down with something, we will take a dropperful 4 or 5 times daily and most of the time the next morning, we feel just fine. Historically, people have used propolis extract to treat nail fungus, cold sores, acne lesions, sore throats, and in wound dressings, among other things.

Our extract is pretty powerful stuff, made with pure grain alcohol and our own propolis, cleaned and ground to a fine powder. Comes in an amber glass dropper bottle, one fluid ounce.
We think this is one of our prettiest molds. It's about 3 1/2" in diameter.

Pure beeswax.
Ornate Beeswax Pillar
Ornate Beeswax Pillar
Our Price: $20.63
This large, intricately patterned candle stands about 5" high and 2 1/2" in diameter.