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Nucleus Hive
Nucleus Hive
Our Price: $190.00
This is an overwintered nuc with our own locally raised "Jersey Girl" queen. You will receive 7 medium (NOT deep!) frames of drawn comb with bees, brood in all stages, food stores, and a laying queen. Wooden nuc box is included for transport. Pick-up day will be on one day only at the farm in Montville in late April-early May. You must pick up your bees at that time or arrange for someone to get them for you. We will email you when we have an exact date.

Prospective purchasers of nucleus colonies must provide proof that they have taken a short course in beekeeping. We guarantee a laying queen for two weeks following pick-up. You should install your nuc as soon as possible following pick-up.

We have a limited number of nucleus hives available, but, if our colonies winter very well, we may have more than anticipated. If you are unable to place an order here, email us: landi@gooserockfarm.com, and we'll put your name on a waiting list.