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Chunk Honey Artisan Honey Spreads Comb Honey
Chunk Honey
Our Price: $13.00
Artisan Honey Spreads
Our Price: $14.00
Comb Honey
Our Price: $15.00
12 ounces of our delicious spring honey with a couple of nice chunks of spring honeycomb in the jar. It's the best of two worlds. You have your raw liquid honey to put in your tea, oatmeal, or however you love to use it, AND, when you feel like a special treat, break off a bit of the honeycomb for a delicious, all-natural, healthy "chewing gum" kind of experience. Yum!

Both the extracted honey and the honeycomb are harvested in spring so you can expect they'll be light in color and delicate in flavor. Linden-wildflower is usually what our bees make the most of in spring, and that's usually what our chunk and comb honey is.
These delicious honey spreads are made with our pure, raw, local honey for a sweet treat with absolutely no refined sugar.  All but the pure creamed spread use wildflower honey; we put our marvelous linden honey in the pure creamed.  The cinnamon is our most popular spread; try it on sliced honey crisp apples for an amazing and healthy treat. Contains only our own wildflower honey and pure korintje cinnamon.  Lemon Honey Creme contains wildflower honey, freeze dried powdered lemon juice, and dried lemon peel bits.  Mango, Blackberry, Cherry, and Pomegranate are made with only our wildflower honey and freeze-dried powdered fruit or fruit juice.  Use on toast or bagels, in hot or cold cereals, in dressings, even spread on chicken, meat or fish for grilling. The ultimate natural raw honey: honey still in the beeswax comb, exactly as the bees created it. Comb honey is like natural chewing gum, and, although Americans are more accustomed to extracted honey, meaning "extracted from the beeswax comb," in Europe, comb honey is spread on toast or eaten as-is for a special treat. Net weight 12 ounces.